As many of you have read some of my posts I highly recommend reading the book, “It Begins with the Egg,” by Rebecca Fett. Click the button to where you can order this book Order Here In this book it is recommended that you start to use clean products in you life. So I thought I would put a list of products I recommend and have used as well as other products that I have seen others post about. I also highly recommend downloading the app Think Dirty, Shop Clean. By using this app you can see product ingredients and their possible side effects on you health. Here is a link to the information on this App Think Dirty

Cleaning products: 

I personally have switched all cleaning products to Method, and Meyers, and Seventh Generation. I feel that the over chemical smells are also toxic to our bodies during this process and I feel that anything we can do to go all natural will be better for our health anyway. You can purchase all these products at your local stores, but right now if you join the Grove, you can get their 4 piece gift set with a $20 purchase. I have found this to be a great value, besides waiting for Target to have these products on sale. Click Here

  • Method
  • Good old Baking Soda and Vinegar
  • Meyers
  • Seventh Generation
  • Dr Bronners Castile Soap Click Here

Glass Storage Containers: 

I think anything from Pyrex, Royal, or even Members Mark (Sam’s Club brand), are all great products I just wouldn’t heat up with the plastic lid on. I recommend if you are going to Microwave just put a moist paper towel over the food and microwave that way. Right now too as of 9/11/17 the Members Mark glass storage set is a set of 24 and is on sale for $19.98. In the picture above is the set as well as the lids. Click Here


Shampoo and Conditioner: 

Nail Polish: 

Make up and Facial Care 


Please feel free to continue to add to this list or message me to add to this list. I hope this helps