As many of us begin our fertility journey, we find ourselves looking for support, friendship and someone who has been where we are headed and can “show us the ropes.” Many of us will find ourselves on Facebook, joining just about every IVF support group that we can find. Who am I kidding, every IVF support group we can find, all in the hopes of finding the knowledge we need to get us through this part in our Fertility Journey.

As we troll page after page in the Fertility groups we tend to see everyone’s success and failure. We start to follow every success story and do what we can to achieve our own success story. Many of the women have posted that McDonald’s French Fries will help. So having done my own research on the subject, this is what I have found.

After a retrieval some physician’s have recommended eating McDonald’s French Fries. From what I have found out this recommendation is that the salt intake can help with the prevention of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS). OHSS is the overstimulation of the ovaries and can often occur when twenty or more eggs have been retrieved. It can occur more frequently in patients that have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). When you combine extra protein and high volume fluids, the combination helps to draw fluids from the empty follicles after egg retrieval, which will then help the body to manage the formation of the free fluids in your bodies third space. If left untreated can be very deadly. Your doctor should let you know if you are at risk for OHSS, or if you are not at risk. If you are at risk you will have to monitor your symptoms to avoid being hospitalized. So sadly enough, there is no need to eat the magic McDonald’s French Fries unless you truly just want some.

So in conclusion, there really is no magic to the French Fries. As we continue to read the many posts in our various IVF Support groups, remember, the magic French Fries have no magic to them at all. It is the salty foods that are recommended for women who are susceptible to having OHSS after retrieval, nothing more.

But if you want to feel like trying every old wives tell out there, go for it. An order of fries won’t kill you it may bring the happiness and magic needed to make your whole journey worth it.