November 21, 2017. Today is our retrieval day. I am super excited, nervous, anxious, and hopeful that all things will come out all right.

This morning we arrived at Dr. Garza’s office at about 7:15 a.m.. We sat and waited in the waiting room. I was nervous, excited and not quite sure what to expect, even though in March I had an egg retrieval I didn’t know if it would be similar, to that experience or if it would be different. We got called to go back and when we went back we just went to the desk to pay for the procedure. We paid $2900 and needed $200 cash for the Anesthesiologist. Once we were paid up, we were brought down stairs and asked to wait in the waiting room downstairs. Once we were down there, a nurse came out and asked when we did the trigger shot, and I let her know that we triggered at 10 p.m. on Sunday. She asked if I had stopped eating as well around the same time, and we said I had. She then told me to have a seat and they would be out soon to get me for the procedure.

About 30 minutes later they came to get me for my retrieval. I was taken to the bathroom, where I was asked to remove everything from the waist down, put on a gown and put on some socks. Once I was changed I was then taken to a room where there were three stretchers, and 3 lounge chairs. I was brought to one of the lounge chairs and they placed a sheet on my lower legs and lap. I then sat there and waited. While waiting I met another lady who was there to have a hysteroscopy, she asked me what I was having done and I told her I was having my retrieval done today and she wished me luck. The staff then came and took the other lady before me and after her procedure, Dr. Garza came over and asked me how I was doing and he let me know that they were waiting for the Anesthesiologist to show up, and that once he got there they would bring me back. So I sat and waited some more. There is no television, magazines, or anything to really do while you wait. I left my phone with my husband so I didn’t even have that to entertain me. So I just sat and waited.

About another 45 minutes since Dr. Garza talked to me did the Anesthesiologist showed up. I was then asked to go pee and they then brought me into the operating room. Once in the operating room, I was helped up on to the operating table, where they started to place my legs in stirrups and the Anesthesiologist started to put a mask on my face and give me some sleepy gas. I don’t recall much after that. I just remember waking up on one of the stretchers in the room I was in while waiting to have my retrieval. I laid there on the stretcher for about an hour, and a nurse would check on my pain levels occasionally to make sure that I was alright. My pain levels were minimal and I didn’t require a pain shot. After an hour, the nurse helped me sit up and I was told to go change and they would give me further instructions from there.

Once I had changed into my pajamas, I went to the reception area right outside the bathroom and the nurse gave me instructions for obtaining progesterone oil for injection (poi), and I was told I needed to give myself 1ml per night. They then told me to call the office tomorrow November 22, to see when my transfer would be scheduled. On the instructions I was told to go to Garcia’s pharmacy in Mexico to pick up the syringes (3 cc syringe with a 21 gauge needle), and the progesterone oil I was given a paper with a couple of different pharmacy’s to call to see if I could find the oil. I knew from keeping up with the message boards on Facebook that there has been a shortage of the oil in the area, so I knew I would need to call the pharmacy’s to make sure we could get the oil. We finally found the oil at Autrey Pharmacy, in Brownsville. The pharmacy assistant told me there were 4 vials left and my script was for 3 vials. So as soon as we crossed the boarder we bee lined it to Autrey’s Pharmacy. When we got there I gave them my script and my insurance card, they didn’t accept my Humana insurance card which I thought was weird, but we got the 3 vials of progesterone oil and I paid $264.  We then went back to the condo to rest and chill out.

November 22, 2017. This morning we had to pack up the condo and move to another one since we thought we would be done with the whole process by now. So as we gathered our things I continued to keep an eye on the clock. I was very anxious to call Dr. Garza’s office to see when my transfer would be. Once we checked our the condo we went and drove over to the other condo that Home Away had arranged for us to stay at. We knew check in wasn’t until 4 p.m., but we thought we would sneak up to the condo anyway and see how nice it was. we put the code in and got the key from the lock box and entered the condo. Of course it was still dirty and not cleaned, the floor sunk when we entered and it was also on the second floor and a lot of stairs no elevator for the suitcases and such. Nothing about this condo seemed inviting or soothing. We left and decided to go to breakfast.

We decided to try Yummy’s breakfast on South Padre island for breakfast as it was highly recommended by the first condo staff we had been at. Breakfast was ok, nothing special, I would have preferred going back to the Grapevine for breakfast over Yummy’s. After breakfast we decided to drive into Brownsville and go to the mall. On our way to the Mall I called the office in Mexico to see when my transfer would be. They told me it would be tomorrow, Thanksgiving morning and that I needed to be there by 8 a.m.. I was shocked and excited, and also very nervous. As we walked around the mall we decided that we would just get a hotel in Brownsville for the night and cancel our condo. So while my husband canceled the condo, I went on to the Expedia app and found a hotel right in the parking lot of the mall. We ended up staying at the Hampton Inn for $65. After the mall we went to Old Navy which was right next to the Mall and I got some things there. After our shopping escapade we then went to the Hampton Inn to check in. After we had checked in we decided to look for a place to go to dinner. We ended up going to some small restaurant called Cobbleheads. The food was ok nothing to write home about either. After dinner we went back to the hotel to hopefully get some rest for tomorrow.

November 23, 2017. Thanksgiving morning, we arrived at Dr. Garza’s office around  7:15 a.m. I was told to bring two bottles of water with me. I had to pee like crazy, but I held it. At about 8:00 a.m. we were escorted downstairs to the procedure waiting room. After about 15 minutes the nurse came out and told me that I could go pee, and that they would be coming to get me in about 15 minutes. So I ran upstairs and relieved myself of the full bladder I was experiencing. I then went back downstairs and I just could not sit still. I was very nervous and anxious at the same time.

Around 8:45 a.m. I finally got called back to the procedure area. I was escorted to the bathroom and told again to change from the waist down, and put my socks on and I was told NOT to go to the bathroom. Once I was changed to was brought to the lounge chairs in the procedure waiting area and I was told to drink the two bottles of water I had brought. While sitting and drinking, two other women ended up joining me. One lady was here for her fourth transfer and the other lady was there for her first transfer as well. The two other women didn’t speak a whole lot of English, so they ended up conversing in Spanish, while we waited. After I had finished my second bottle of water the nurse came and asked me on a scale of 1-10 how bad did I have to pee? I let her know I was about an 8. She then told me that they were ready for me.

I walked back to the operating room and I again got up on the Operating room table. They placed my legs up in stirrups and they covered my privates up with a sheet. I waited in this position for what felt like forever!. I was so uncomfortable and my back started to hurt being in stirrups, my bladder was full, and this cold air was blowing up the sheet on my privates. I felt miserable. Finally Dr. Garza came in the room. He discussed with me that I had two really good quality eggs and he felt they would do better growing inside of me than in a petri dish. While doing the procedure Dr. Garza explained what he was doing on the Ultrasound and he showed me on the screen what he did and he showed me where he implanted my two embryos. Once he was done placing my two embabies he gave me a picture of my uterus and embabies implanted.

The white circle in the middle with some dark in the middle is my uterus. One embryo was placed above and one was placed below. I am at this time PUPO (Pregnant until proven otherwise). Once the embabies were placed, I had to lay on the operating room bed for 5 minutes. When the time was up I was helped up and they helped me to the bathroom and I was finally able to pee. What a relief!!! Once done in the bathroom, I was lead to one of the stretchers and I laid on the stretcher for an hour.

When my hour of bedrest was done. I was brought to the bathroom again and asked to change into clothes. After I had changed my clothes, I went out to the nurses. They gave me another script to continue the progesterone oil injections, they asked if I was going to come back in 12 days for my beta Hcg. I let them know that I had arranged for my OBGYN to do my beta I just needed to call and schedule the appointment. The nurses were ok with that, they just asked that I text Dr. Garza my beta Hcg once I get it. The nurses then let me know I was ok to drive home if we wanted, I just needed to get out and walk every couple of hours.

I then left the office. I was officially pregnant and I was glowing. Now comes the dreaded two week wait…