March 1, 2017

Our first appointment with Dr. Mayra was today at 10 a.m. I was very excited and super nervous all at the same time. My husband and I went to the breakfast downstairs in the buffet restaurant and it was actually really good. They offered a bunch of local juices and drinks, black beans, eggs, fruits, meats and pastries for breakfast. We were very impressed with the breakfast spread. While at breakfast we looked up the address to Irega. The GPS indicated that it would take us about 30 minutes to walk there so we went for it. The weather was hot, it was about 93 degrees and the humidity was high. The walk was not bad at all. As we walked to the doctor’s office, we were able to see that we were surrounded by a lot of restaurants, a Walmart and a really huge building that we decided we would check out on the way back to the hotel after the appointment. We arrived at a hospital, and the doctors office was on the first floor, right around the corner from the pharmacy.

When we walked into the office, the secretary greeted us and motioned for us to sign in. As soon as we were done signing in, Tori came out and talked with us. She asked us where we were staying and what we were planning on doing while in Cancun. Tori was also a great help when it came to information. We found out that we could take the bus right outside our hotel to the doctor’s office, if we were not feeling up to walking. The bus cost was 8 cents per person. Wow! what a deal. We also could take the taxi, but that would be around $10. She told us about a couple of Mayan temple excursions and which ones would be the best to see, as well as told us about Isle Majeure and how to get there, and she also shared some of the best restaurants in the area.

Within about 20 minutes of arriving to the office we were called back to the doctors office. Once in the office we went over some of my medical history, and we discussed our plans for our IVF. Dr. Mayra then led me to a bathroom that was connected to their ultrasound room. She had me take everything off from the waist down and put on a gown. Once changed I went into the ultrasound room and she had me get on the table and the lovely ultrasound wand was prepared with jelly and a condom. Oh yay, there is nothing like getting probed on your first encounter, lol. During the Ultrasound she only found 5 eggs. I was upset (having joined many of the fertility groups of Facebook, you constantly see women that have 30 or more eggs and here I just had 5), my husband could see my disappointment and he tried to be positive, reminding me  that, “it only takes one.” After the ultrasound we returned to the doctors office where she asked if I had any medication left. I told her that I had used all of what she had prescribed. She then wrote a script for me to continue the Gonal F and to add Menopur to my shot regimen. I had to start injecting myself between 7p.m. and 9 p.m. and that she would see me next on the 3rd of March. She would then ultrasound me again and we would check the progress of my eggs.

I then took the script Dr. Mayra wrote to the front desk. The secretary then went in back and Tori came out to see how the appointment went. We told her about the ultrasound results and she told us not to stress out too much and that we didn’t have to see Dr. Mayra till the 3rd so we could do something fun tomorrow and get our minds off things. The secretary then came out with a little cooler with the medication, syringes, and needles also included was a little ice pack to keep the medication cool as we walked back to our hotel. She then made the appointment for the same time on the 3rd of March and we paid for the medication as well as $450 for the appointment.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped in Walmart to see what it was like, and if you have ever had the chance to go to a Walmart Neighborhood market, it is similar to that. It was also smaller and just had groceries, nothing else. While there we bought something to drink and continued to the big building we had passed on the way. When we entered we went into a big electronics store and walked around, we then exited into what looked like a Mall. So we decided to walk through. It was an enormous mall, with many posh stores, and many stores you would see in like an outlet mall.

Included is a picture from the outside of the mall, inside of the mall and a map of the block that this mall takes over.

We ended up spending the rest of the day at the mall, walking around, eating and just enjoying ourselves. It was wonderful.

March 2, 2017 we ended up signing up for an excursion to a Mayan village where they had a beautiful cenote, Chichen itza, and to a Mayan chocolate factory. The Mayan village was beautiful, the blossoms on the flowers were so vibrant and beautiful, there were a whole lot of iguanas all over the grounds and the cenote was incredible. While at the village we were served lunch, buffet style. The food was incredible as well as the Mayan dancers that danced between the tables to entertain the tourists. In the Mayan village we went and visited the Cenote Hubkiu the water is a warm 67 degrees. As we entered the cenote, there was a Mayan Shaman, he did a ceremony around us to bless us in our fertility journey. It was really special and comforting. Pictured below is the Cenote Hubkiu.

We then took the tour bus to Chichen Itza. What an incredible wonder of the world to see. There is the large Mayan temple, as well as grounds where games of life took place, we also saw what was left of houses, ritual grounds, and where this early civilization lived. It made me wonder how they went about their lives and how they struggled to survive. The grounds were incredible as well as the teachings and stories the our tour guide shared. As we walked the grounds it brought me reflect on myself and my struggles and how minimal they were compared to the big picture of what others have endured and continue to endure in the world today. Below are pictures from Chichen Itza, and the grounds around the Mayan temple.

After visiting these incredible wonders, and learning about the lives of these people. I came to a realization that I needed to focus on the success of my five eggs that were growing inside me. I needed to make them happy and grow so that we would have a chance to increase our family and to have a successful experience. I tried not to focus on the negative aspects that continued to enter my mind. I figured that I needed to put all I had into hoping these embryos would grow.

March 3, 2017. Today was our second appointment with Dr. Mayra. We again walked to the appointment. We made it our mission to get 15,000 steps a day while on this trip and we were going to achieve this goal. When we got to the office we were greeted by Tori, and she asked how we were doing and had asked us what we had done in the time since our last appointment. While talking with Tori, the nurse came and called us back to Dr. Mayra’s office. While in the office we were asked how we were doing and if we had any questions. Once we were done talking we were brought back to the same ultrasound room right off her office. I once again changed into the gown and went into the ultrasound room. Dr. Mayra observed that I now had 6 follicles and they were growing nicely. Once done with the ultrasound we went back to her office and she wrote the script for the next group of shots. I was now doing one shot in the a.m. and two shots in the evening.

March 5, 2017. Today we took the taxi to the port so we could take the ferry to Isla Mujeres.  The taxi cost was about $10. Once at the port we went into the gift shop to purchase our tickets to take the ferry. Our round trip tickets cost us $17 per person.  We then stood in a line to get on to the ferry. As we entered the line the ferry had just pulled up and began to unload. Once we were on the ferry we found seats on the top deck. As the ferry took off from port the wind and the smells of the ocean were wonderful. The ocean looked beautiful. There were so many different colors in the water. We didn’t see any wildlife in the water, but there were plenty of birds flying overhead. Once we arrived, we walked out onto the street and there were many places to rent a golf cart. The cost of the golf cart was $40 for the entire day, what a deal. Once we got our bearings, we were off to check things out. We had so much fun scouring the island and driving around checking things out. We went first to the end of the island and had an appetizer and some drinks. I had a virgin pina colada and it was awesome. The put fresh coconut in it and it tasted really good. While at this end of the island we saw some weird art, a sculpture of an iguana and we rubbed all over the fertility goddess.

We stayed on the island all day. We ended up eating at one of the restaurants for dinner right by the port. The food was incredible! I got shrimp tacos and my husband got shrimp fajitas. I highly recommend eating on the island, you won’t regret it.