March 8, 2017. Today at our appointment with Dr. Mayra my ultrasound showed that we still just had 6 follicles. My follicles had developed enough that we were given a day today for retrieval. My retrieval was scheduled for Friday March 10, 2017 at 8 a.m. We left the office so excited.

March 9, 2017. Today we took an excursion to visit Tulum. The tour bus picked us up from our hotel at 6:00 a.m. We were the first group picked up by the bus. As the bus continued to many hotels and to a group pick up spot to fill up with other visitors my husband and I both daydreamed about the awesome outcome of our fertility journey. We both are hoping for a baby girl. Our five year old wants a baby sister too and it would complete our family. The bus ride to Tulum took about 2 hours. Once here our tour guide, handed us each our ticket to get in and off we went. Tulum was beautiful. It is one of the only Mayan villages right on the water. Our tour guide shared with us some of the beautiful rich history from the Mayan ruins. The stories were great and inspiring. They were also very sad. I really enjoyed these ruins. There was an area where you could even walk down to the beach from the ruins, but the day we went the wind was so ruff that they had the stairs blocked and no one was allowed on the beach. After the tour there are many areas where you can purchase local goods and eat. We ate here and watched these local men do this beautiful ritual on this tower (pictures included below).

This was an amazing excursion. I loved this excursion very much. I loved the tranquility felt here and the breeze from the ocean. It was an experience I would take with me for the rest of my life.

March 10, 2017. We arrived at the clinic at 7:30 a.m. I was brought back to a room with a couple of lockers. Where I undressed and put a hospital gown on, paper booties, and a bouffant paper hat. I was then walked into a small operating room, where I met the anesthesiologist and she proceeded to start an IV. While the anesthesiologist was starting the IV, another nurse started to put my legs up in stirrups. Once the IV was done, they started to push some meds and I don’t remember the rest. I do remember waking up in a recovery room with a nurse. She gave me a bottled juice and some bottled water. After drinking both of those bottles, she helped me up and I was walked back to the locker room where I changed back into my clothes. I then was brought to the waiting room where I sat with my husband and waited to talk to Dr. Mayra. We waited for what felt like forever. Dr. Mayra had been called to the operating room for the hospital to assist in an emergency surgery. Around 2:00 p.m. we finally got to talk to Dr. Mayra and she told us that she was able to retrieve 6 eggs and they looked good. We would then be scheduled to come back on March 15 at noon to have the embryo’s implanted. At this time she confirmed that we were sending the embryos to have PGS testing done as well as gender selection. She then prescribed for us to do progesterone oil injections. Before we left the office, my husband was taught how to do the injection into the upper side of my bottom. We then went and had something to eat from the café in the hospital. Once done eating we took the bus back to the hotel and just took it easy. I slept for quite awhile and we ended up just vegging out and watching movies for the rest of the evening.

The next couple of days were pure torture waiting to see if the embryos made it to fertilization. We finally received a call on Monday. Out of our six embryos, five embryos had made it through testing and fertilization. We were beyond excited. During our wait for implantation, we took the bus to the hotel zone and walked around the shopping areas there and bought some souvenir’s for family and friends. We had dinner on the water and watched the sunset, the sunsets were incredible. Tuesday evening tori text me, our implantation appointment got pushed back a day. We were not scheduled to go in till Thursday. I started to panic and cry. Every bad thought and outcome came into my mind. I felt that something was wrong and that they were just pushing us off. My husband tried to console me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. Nothing that was said eased my heart.

March 16, 2017. Our appointment was at 10:00 a.m. When we arrived another couple that we had met a couple of times while in the office was there. He was waiting while his wife was in back getting her embryos transferred. We talked with him and played with their 4 year old son. He was adorable and reminded us of our precious boy back home. After about an hour his wife came out and she was excited. They transferred 3 embryos. I talked with her a little bit and found out that we were on some of the same fertility groups on Facebook. At 11:00 a.m. they called us back to talk to Dr. Mayra. When they called us to talk to her I knew in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong. Why was I not being called back to the operating room to have our embryos transferred? As I entered her office my knees started to shake as I started to sit in the chair across form her. Then it came. Our 5 embryos 3 boys and 2 girls, all came back abnormal. Dr. Mayra would not transfer them. We were done. It felt like my life came crashing down around me. My husband helped me up and we slowly walked out of the office. Once out of the hospital we both broke down and started to cry. My husband composed himself enough to get us a taxi back to our hotel. I cried the whole way. Once back in our room we both just let loose and cried until there were no more tears to cry. We laid in bed in each others arms taken back by what had just happened and afraid that this was it for us.

I started to look for answers online. I researched everything I could find on abnormal eggs and what I could do to fix it. I read about diet, exercise, stress relief, supplements, you name it I found everything I could about it. I talked to Will (my husband) and I told them there was a chance to make it all better and that we could try again. We both just wanted to go home and call it what it was. We looked at what it would cost for us to fly back early as our tickets were not for us to fly home until March 19. We decided to make the best of what we had left and to look forward to the future. Our last 3 days were spent walking the stores at the hotel district and watching the sunset, trying to figure out a plan for the future, and we decided to go to Xcaret.

If you decide to go to Cancun to do IVF Xcaret is the place to go. There is nothing more magical than being here and experiencing all there is here for you to do.

In the end we decided to do what we could to try to do IVF again. I read the book “It starts with the egg,” by Rebecca Fett.  I started all the supplements she suggested. I quit my job and we decided to sell our house and move to Arizona where my husband started a Facility Management company. With the extra money we got from the equity in our house we have decided to use that to try IVF again. With incredible family support we are going to try again.

If I share something about my experience with all of you it would be to not go blindly into IVF. Do your research, find what you want out of IVF and what you feel will be the best fit for you and your spouse. Have fun and never ever give up hope.